Lighting is a crucial factor influencing successful product presentation and thus sales. Before we launch into a lighting design, the first thing we do is carry out an analysis of the current situation, mostly by making measurements on site. Doing so, we enter the following concept phase by gathering information about the structure of the furniture surfaces, as well as the colours and texture of the walls, ceiling and floor.



In the implementation phase, we let the planning conception become reality. The project team takes over responsibility for this job. The goods and components flow into the production, they are assembled, and arrangements are made for you, so that nothing stands in the way of a timely delivery any more.



We give unique attention to the personal service we provide around the lighting system. Our long-term business partners appreciate our professional and personal service. May we assist you in the construction phase, should a lamp stop working during building works, or the lighting fixtures need cleaning and freeing from the dust? No problem for us – make a quick call and a local technician assists quickly.